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Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier life! We hope  you enjoy your time with us and look forward to meeting you and your family.  We specialize in safe and effective chiropractic treatments in order to optimize your body's natural potential.  Thank you for joining us here and once again, welcome! 

About Dr. Smith

Dr. Derek Smith graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Campus in December 2017 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  Post graduation, he worked for several months in Orlando, Florida focusing on auto accident injuries and rehabilitation. Dr. Smith treated various conditions including but not limited to low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, chronic headaches, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis. Since relocating to the Ballston Lake area of New York, Dr. Smith opened his own practice in order to provide exceptional patient centered care.  In March 2019, Dr. Smith furthered his knowledge of the human body and earned his Certificate in Personal Training.  By practicing the most up to date treatment interventions, Dr. Smith can provide personalized care plans for each of his patients.  This individualized and total body approach to care allows for optimal recovery, health, and wellness to be achieved.  


High School - Vernon Verona Sherrill HS

College - Nazareth College of Rochester

Graduate - Palmer College of Chiropractic




To be performed on your first visit by Dr. Smith in order to determine an appropriate and individualized care plan

Chiropractic Adjustments

A specific manipulation of bone or muscle in order to restore proper neural function

Supplemental Therapy

Electrical Massage, Kinesiotape, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Therapeutic Exercise, Trigger Point Massage

Professional Referral

Outside referral based on individual patient needs: 


Primary Care Physician

Our office is an integrative healthcare facility focusing on Chiropractic care in order to promote optimal health and wellness.  Through a variety of movement therapies paired with chiropractic adjustments, accelerated healing is achieved.  Dr. Smith uses a variety of adjusting techniques including Palmer Package, Diversified, Gonstead, and Thompson.  With experience treating a variety of conditions affecting children, athletes, car accidents victims and elderly, we welcome anyone seeking to improve their health.

Prevention & Wellness

Chiropractic care treats and prevents the cause of dis-ease and dysfunction 



We treat more than back pain!  Frequently treat headaches, sinus irritation, colds, and digestive problems

Sports Rehabilitation

Work with injured athletes in order to get them back in the game in a safe and timely manner



Further your health and wellness through specifically designed exercise training and nutrition programs

So what Chiropractic does, is that it simply “takes the handcuffs off Nature”, as it were. By finding the particular vertebra that had shifted and restoring it to its natural position, the adjustment thus releases the natural flow of nerve impulse. When the maze of nerves, or Nature’s communication system, supplies the body with the energy it needs for well being, you have health.

B. J. Palmer


Patient News

Currently only self pay patients accepted
*Cash or check only accepted at time of payment

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COVID-19 Update

In an effort to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure and to help prevent the spread of the virus, you may not enter the building if you have had any recent exposure to the COVID-19 virus. 


We are dedicated to providing you with all your chiropractic needs at this time in a safe and sanitary environment.  Below are the office guidelines you should know before entering the office for your scheduled visit. 


  1. No walk in treatments will be provided.  A scheduled appointment is required before coming to the office. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (518) 901-6277, emailing Dr. Smith at, or selecting your requested time on the Dr. Derek Smith Facebook Page.

  2. In order to enter the office, a mask must be warn at all times.  If you fail to provide your own mask, we do have masks available for one time use.  Quantities are limited.

  3. The lobby is set up to allow for social distancing; each seat is 6 feet apart. Please choose an available seat if you are required to wait for your appointment.

  4. Before treatment will be provided, an infrared temperature scan will be performed in the lobby to ensure your safety as well as the health and wellness of the doctors and patients. 

  5. Only one patient will be allowed in the treatment room at a time unless you are a minor.

  6. To allow for optimal sanitation, please give the staff members time to adequately disinfect each treatment room before and after each patient. 



Office Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 10am - 6pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: CLOSED

* By appointment only at this time *

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